HYPO is a novel, non-invasive, intelligent, and original embedded device that goes beyond the capabilities of the wearable technology.

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No more mobile devices, nor Cloud connections. Our patch is different. Install it on your chest, and the AI-on-the-chip will do the job without your intervention.

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Attach HYPO

Place the electrodes as shown in the user's manual.

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Turn on HYPO

Turn your HYPO on and let it measure.

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Relax! HYPO will alert you.

Forget about wearing HYPO. Relax and let HYPO warn you if a hypertension is here.


Innovative idea

Blood pressure is never measured with with patch-like wearable technology. This is the first successful attempt to predict hypertension by using only ECG signal as source of information.

Proven technology

The relation between the ECG and the blood pressure is modelled with specific AI methodology. Our work is confirmed in many high-level journals. The patent is on its way!

Security first

HYPO is completely safe device. No personal data ever leaves the device. Everything is processed on the chip!

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What makes HYPO different from other wearable devices?


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

At what stage of development is HYPO?

HYPO has reached TRL 5 - the integrated technology is validated in laboratory environment. The next step is to demonstrate the technology in relevant environment.

When will HYPO reach the market?

There are few more levels until HYPO is able to reach the market. The process of validation and patenting the solution along with HYPO certification is expected to finish in few months, and the expected launch date is the beginning of 2023.

Who needs HYPO?

Approximately 1.13 billion people suffer from hypertension, and most of them come from low and middle-income countries. Frequent measurements are impossible with the existing devices. HYPO supports the preventive medicine paradigm by allowing the possibility of non-invasive and gentle alerts when hypertension is detected. The user will feel totally comfortable having HYPO as blood pressure watchdog.

What will be the price of HYPO?

HYPO is intended to be low-cost device. The custom-based hardware is kept highly optimized. The price will be announced in early autumn.

What are the future plans?

Once HYPO is completed, we will move forward to upgrade the device with functionalities and enable the measurements of the rest vital parameters: heart rate, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation. Most importantly, the concept of processing everything on the chip will be kept in the future releases.

Why AI-on-a-chip?

HYPO presents the smart embedded devices of the future. Processing everything on the chip eliminates the need of connection with external devices, and even more important the data never leaves the chip, meaning there is no personal data leakage issue.


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

01 SEP 2015
01 JAN 2022

Research and Development

01 AUG 2022

3D Prototype & Testing

01 SEP 2022

Croudfunding Campaign

01 DEC 2022

Testing Pre-Production Samples

01 JUN 2023

Mass Production